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Case Study III

Case Study III

A small Digital Agency. They had a lot of technical debt, high staff turnover and some major projects inbound without a team to complete them.

I was brought in to help the agency streamline existing projects, manage technical debts and move the agency forewords. I spent four months with them full time.

Day To Day

My average working day was something like

  • 30% Managing Staff, Freelancers and projects.
  • 20% Coding
  • 30% Workflows and Process
  • 20% Working on new business

Technical Debt

The large amount of staff turn over meant that their projects were all in different languages (some of which I had never written before), on different servers, in differing states of quality.

I developed strategies for managing this technical debt. One by one, all projects were brought into the same consistent workflow.

New Business

Helping the agency secure new business took up considerably amounts of my time. I helped the client to win several large 60k+ projects.

These were large scale, complex projects which i scoped and spec'd ready to be built.

Management Of Developers

I worked with and managed developers working in multiple languages, including some which i was not familiar with. Including .net, Python Django and the LAMP stack

Sale of the business

The agency was bought out in April 2015. My efforts undoubtedly increased the sale value of the company.