My name is Edward. I work as a consulting technical lead and full stack developer. I help businesses to build happier, more profitable digital teams.

My case studies tell you more about how I do this.

I live in North Wales but work with digital teams throughout the country.

People typically come to me for help when

  • Projects are not on time or budget
  • Projects are not tenable post launch
  • There is a lack of understanding or a lack of faith in their development team
  • They need a strategy to move their development team forward
  • Their developers need a little help to reach their full potential

How I developed this skillset

I started my first business out of school and grew it from my bedroom to a reasonable successful e-commerce store. Complete with staff and bricks and mortar shop in the midlands.

It was hard work, but I loved every minute. And it was a great sadness that I lost this business in the recession that followed the financial crisis in 2008. Recovering from my loss, I realised there must be a demand for people who can code and have business acumen. And this is how I got started as a web developer.

I started working for local businesses, this turned into freelancing for digital agencies, and in turn, I spent a good few years working full time in agencies owned by others. I saw enough of the industry to realise that many businesses had real trouble managing their development teams.

In 2016 I decided to start working as a consultant to build happier, more profitable digital teams. To the present day, I split my time between this kind of consultation and work as a full-stack developer.

Pair Programming In Lockdown 2021

About My Code

At the moment i predominantly work with Laravel & AWS, but also write quite a bit of Vanilla JS. I have a penchant for solid workflow and process, and am particularly enthusiastic about DevOps.