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2023; A Statement Of Intent

2023; A Statement Of Intent
It’s not all about the money.

One of the reasons I ceased working as a contractor and started Carnedd, is because I believe working with a team, we can build genuinely great software, and we can instigate positive change for good in our community while doing so.

You don’t spend seven years consulting in other companies' software teams, without developing some pretty strong ideas on how to do it well, and how to do it badly. There have been times I have been frustrated beyond belief at how the industry is run, it could be done so much better.

Starting Carnedd, has in no small part, been an act of putting my money where my mouth is.

Founding a business is a self-cleaving act of masochism. The act of entrepreneurship alone is not something that should be celebrated. You have to do some good along the way too.  Not on a vague date in the future, but from the outset.

Building great software is a given. But Carnedd has a further three key commitments to the wider community which we intend to formalise in 2023.

1) Improve diversity in tech

The Tech industry just seems incapable of getting this right when it should be so easy. To say ‘everyone is welcome here’ and then not make the systematic changes required to back it up, is the best that most can muster.

We are extremely proud to be building a business in which everyone is not just welcome, but genuinely has a chance to thrive regardless of their needs. We will show the industry what it means to build and maintain a team, that is in every way diverse.

2) Contribute to the growth of tech in North West Wales

We intend to build talent here, collaborate with other local startups and provide opportunities to those who call the area home.

All of our staff are Welsh speakers, or learners. We are determined that we will give back as much as we take, and build a business that makes a positive difference to the community in which it resides.

3) Achieve this sustainably

We will work out how to do this sustainably, with as low a environmental impact as possible.

In 2023 we are going to formalise how we achieve these things, so we can hold ourselves accountable and keep pushing forward towards our goals. To prove these are not platitudes, but core values we carry every day.

A little humility before some arrogance.

In 2022 we have been afforded some incredible opportunities and support by the STEM community in North West Wales, particularly by the ecosystem and staff at M-SParc. Something I am truly grateful for, and a debt we will repay through meaningful actions.

Thank you to our clients who have helped us come this far; everything to date would not have been possible without you.

The War Cry!

We have grown to three members of staff, not because we have money behind us, not because we have funders. But through our profits; because we can build damn good software, because people like working with us, and for us. We are proven, more so every day. We are building a team like no other, and we will come to set a standard.

We all know, not all businesses work out. I am also a great believer that anyone is only ever a roll of the dice away from destitution. But I probably would not bet against us.

One thing I am absolutely certain of; on the journey, we will have made a positive impact.

Now watch us do it.